Salvador Lopez


Commercial Agent
Speaks English & Spanish

Sal has been in the Dallas, Texas area since 1981. As a first-generation immigrant from El SalvadorSal is fluent in both English and Spanish, proving to be a useful trait when interfacing with Spanish-speaking investors, business owners, and remodeling crews.

Sal began his career in Commercial Real Estate (CRE) as a multifamily passive investor in syndicated properties around Texas. lt did not take more than a few months for him to take commercial investment to another level by moving towards a more active, strategic partnering role in acquisitions was mentored by a CCIM instructor specializing in Multifamily market/site analysis, joint ventures and syndications. which led Sal to become a CClM candidate and to further develop the advancedskills for market and financial analysis. This proved to be useful for his own investments, but also bringing value to other CRE investors needing help with site/rent/absorption/vacancy analysis and business owners with lease analysis.

Today he provides guidance to clients based on his experience as an investor. He values the importance of helping his clients build and leave generational wealth for their family. In addition, he is focused on being a strategic partner in commercial real estate deals without being part of the GP.

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9244 Prestmont Place,
Ste 308, Frisco, TX 75035, United States

(214) 326-5903

Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm
Saturday: By appointment
Sunday: By appointment